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Do you have asphalt paving needs? Does your pavement look worn and old? Don't worry, we can take care of that for you. Our asphalt paving Birmingham team will be a perfect fit for you. 

Asphalt is a great choice when it comes to parking lots, driveways, and walkways. Not only is it a cost-effective material to work with, but also pretty durable and long-lasting in all sorts of weather conditions! Asphalt or blacktop would make the perfect choice if you're looking into building a new driveway or parking lot. The United States' asphalt industry employs nearly 400,000 Americans, including those who are involved in construction jobs as well.

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, fillers, and binders. The aggregate ingredients are things such as gravel, sand rocks, or crushed rocks. The binder in this product is mostly made from bitumen to help hold the particles together during the heating process that helps make asphalt what it really truly is: almost 100% recyclable material! Asphalt is mainly made from the byproduct of crude oil. Many of the roads that you drive on today are made from asphalt. 

Asphalt paving Birmingham has all of your paving needs covered. If you are in need of our professional paving services, contact our team today. 

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asphalt paving in Birmingham, AL

Here are few steps of the asphalt paving process:

Number 1: Grading the surface. Before laying asphalt, grading needs to be done with a special machine that can smooth out and grade for water drainage. This step is one of the most important in the paving process. 

Number 2: Sub-base prep. The sub-base layer is a support for the load-bearing materials. Most of this material comes from crushed stone, which usually provides enough stability and strength to hold up any surface above it

A base or foundation must be laid before anything else can happen. Grading means bringing everything back down close to a level so that work on top will go smoothly during construction. Once grading has been completed, a base with adequate structural integrity needs to be put in place (sub-layer). The most popular type of substructure used today is called crusher run because it's made out of what are generally small pieces discarded by quarries: smashed rocks smaller than 2 inches across that have been ground into sand-like consistency through pulverization at high speed while being agitated mechanically

Number 3: The binder layer. The binder layer is made up of bitumen mixed with oil, which makes it durable and strong once finished. Once the proof roll has been laid down, this helps to detect any soft areas that need repair by digging several feet below ground level if needed.

Once the sublayer is laid and is deemed to be strong enough, the new asphalt layer is ready to be laid. When the new asphalt layer is laid, it is rolled out using a steam roller to make the surface smooth, this process also helps to compact the asphalt.

As soon as the asphalt pavement is cooled, it is ready to be driven over. We do recommend that you wait 24 hours before driving heavy machines or cars over the new surface. 

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Is Asphalt a Good Choice?

Yes! Asphalt paving is not only the best choice for paved surfaces but also has unique benefits. In America alone, it connects over 2 million miles of roads! It makes up 94% of the roadways! As a material used to pave these areas with other materials like stone sand or gravel aggregates mixed according to precise formulas engineered by manufacturers; no wonder why this type can be found so often on USA roadways today.

Asphalt pavement has many benefits that make it the go-to paving solution for state highway engineers, road designers, HOAs, and contractors alike. It is cost-effective but of high quality and maintenance is easy with its durability lasting over time. Safety tests prove asphalt surfaces are more conducive than smooth concrete ones not only because they cause less sliding loss when wet but also since asphalt pavements permit higher speeds without creating skid hazards which can be hazardous to drivers on busy highways or in HOA neighborhoods where children play outside often!

The overall sustainability of asphalt cannot be beaten. Whenever used, the environmental footprint is reduced compared to other materials. So if you need our asphalt paving Birmingham service, contact us today! 

asphalt paving in Birmingham, AL

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